Hi, I'm Becky.



I am 43-years old and have a B.S. from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I married my high school sweetheart, Derrick, 21-years ago. We have four children ages 18, 17, 13 and 4. The oldest graduated in 2022 from FHS. I have been a homemaker since our family moved to Farmington in 2012 and I currently homeschool one child.

Having children within the district in literally every grade level throughout the years gives me a unique perspective of the inside workings of the various schools in which our family has been a part--although not in every facility. I have a perspective on how Farmington School District prepared my oldest for college, how I've needed to advocate for my children, partner with teachers and where I needed to be an active part of their education and enrichment.

Being raised on a hog farm in southwest Minnesota, I learned the value of hard work and grit that we've tried to pass onto our children. As a resident in Farmington, I've been a 4-H volunteer for 8 years, volunteer in various church roles, served on the Tigersharks Swim Club Board for 4 years, was Teaching Director of Community Bible Study in St. Paul for 3 years and volunteer with my children’s activities.


My personal strengths are empathy, responsibility, discipline and adaptability. I am a Christ-follower and enjoy gardening, cooking and baking, photography, exercising and coffee.


Running for the Future

I would be a team player on the School Board ​keeping us on target for the best possible outcome for our students, families, teachers and community. I understand the importance of collaboration and perseverance.

Here's what you can expect me to advocate for:

  1. Back to the Basics! Learning and achievement require foundational skills: reading, writing and math.

    • A well-rounded education also includes history, philosophy, literature, arts, sciences, and good character.

  2. ​Engaged parents are best equipped to make decisions for their child, so we must partner with parents in education.

    • Active, involved parents are the greatest factor of student’s success.
    • Allow parents to ask questions, advocate for their child, view curriculum and material and giving them the option to object. 

  3. Approve a fiscally responsible, transparent, accountable $80+ million budget.​

    • Direct funds toward what increases instructional time.

    • The goal is well-rounded students ready to enter workforce and higher education.

      • Dollars should always move us toward this goal.

      • Support adjustments that are reasonable and logical.​